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Face Painting Prices - The real costs

Here's the big question...How much does it cost to hire a professional face painter or body artist?  I get this question every single time when I receive a query for a possible job. A lot of people have no idea about the real costs of hiring a professional and sometimes get a bit shocked when I provide them with a quote.


There are many costs associated with running a responsible and legitimate small business and remember you are also paying for the best of body art, for an experienced, reliable and super friendly artist  that will help you to have the best memories of your event.


Prices can vary

Who...? When...?Where...? How much? 

Please, always provide as much information about the event to the artist. Is it a childrens party? Adult? Private? Public? Corporate? Times? Location?

I do have a starting price for any event with a minimum of a 2 hour booking but prices depend on the area location of the event and how far the artist will have to travel. The times of the day ( day time vs evening times) and of course the date. If it is an high peak date or an holiday day then I am fraid the prices will have to go up too. My prices are non negotiable unless it is a recurring client with many hours of expected work guaranteed.


I should also mention, prices around the country for a good artist can vary too. Costs of living can be higher in certain areas and costs to hire body artists can reflect that too. 


I get many queries from customers fishing for the cheapest prices. If that's the case then I am afraid I am not the artist for you and that's totally Okay by me. A fellow artist once used this analogy: 'Some people buy Ford Fiestas and some people go for the Mercedes' and I totally agree. Theres a market for everyone out there but just be wary and careful 'You get what you pay for'.


You think you have been quoted too much? - Check out on what you are really being charged for

Here it goes a simplified list:

• A skillful, reliable and experienced artist

• Expensive and professional high quality supplies and equipment 

• Years of practice, conventions, networking and keeping up with the latest trends, products and techniques in the industry ( many artists also invest in classes and workshops which can be quite time consuming and pricey).

• Time preparing all equipment for your event

• Travel costs and time

• Time setting up of all equipment before event ( this can include marquee/gazebo, chairs, tables, signs, etc...) 

• Time taking all equipment down

• Time cleaning up all equipment after your event

• Costs for insurance ( all professional artists should be required Public Liability Insurance)

• Risk Assessments ( normally required for bigger events)

• Invoicing

• Products and work disclaimers

• Marketing & Advertising ( this can include business cards, website costs, ads costs and the time doing it)

• Hours of editing and posting images of work on social media

• Time replying to enquiries over the phone and emails ( many a times with no lead to a paid job)

• Fishing for new leads

• General business costs ( phone bill, office costs, etc..)

• Bank fees

• Taxes

• Accounts ( time and/or costs)

• Childcare costs ( when applicable)


Still think it's too much?


The Risks - If you pay peanuts...

There are imense risks of going for the cheapest...

Non appropriate or skin safe products used - the good stuff is well expensive so skin reactions or any related issues are at a greater risk to occour with the cheaper or innapropriate products in the market.

A not so skillful artistso please don't expect the world from that person.

Realiability - it is much easier to let down anyone specially when the motivation is not there £££ .

Is it a legitimate business?  - or is it someone trying to make a few bucks on the side unaware of the ins and outs of the industry?


Make sure you have checked out the artists work and that they are covered with PLI. It is also worth to check out the reviews from previous clients so that way you will know what to expect and get no nasty surprises. 


Hope this post has been somehow helpful to someone out there.


Patricia x
























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