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Body Painting


Body Painting is a form of body art where the human body is used as a canvas. We only use skin safe products that can last several hours but that are also easy to wash off with water and soap.

A complete full body paint ( front, back and facial make over with adornments and accessories) can take up to 6 hours to finish depending on the complexity of the design. We can camouflage a body ( where a model blends into a background) and can also use multiple models to complete a design or idea.

If the project is too big or will require more than one artist ( if it needs to be finished in a short period of time) then The Magic Brushes can also supply a team of excellent professional body painters to complete the job with quality and on time.

We are often hired to paint performers, to do installations, photoshoots, private parties, corporate events and marketing. 


The Magic Brushes also accept private commissions for body painting.


If you would like to know more about Body Painting or need a quote for a job by The Magic Brushes Face & Body Painting  why not speak to us? Call Patricia on 07985788212, or enquire online today.